Our PREMIUM brand     M-French Pâtisserie 

Our premium-quality brand M-FRENCH PÂTISSERIE is centred around the best of our pâtissiere know-how.


Developed for the French and international retail markets, the M-FRENCH PÂTISSERIE brand fully reflects our company's values and beliefs: Create a healthy and authentic product 




A high-end brand in the form of a tasty treat, encouraging you to discover different flavours!

M for Macaron and for mmmm (or marvellous)! We have choosen an authentic range of macarons that have been developed by our pâtissiere chefs. With no added artifical colours or flavouring.

OUR RANGE OF macarons

In order to deliver the delicious macarons we make in our factories, MAG'M has developed a range of products using the best French pâtissières recipes!

We only use the best - a crispy and soft macaron with our best-selling flavours chosen for you!